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Step 1: research different types of graffiti. Since the graffiti is an individual expression, as with the graffiti artists have their cards and expressions formed. Application examples for inspiration and a style guide as you develop your own style of expression.

Graffaiti Abecedario Fonts

Graffaiti Abecedario Fonts

Step 2: Take paper and pencil. Start with one or two letters of the alphabet. With the pencil, pull in large print on paper. Leave enough space between letters, so there is room for changing one letter.

Step 3: round corners on some letters. For bubble charts, change the letters to look like soap bubbles. Vary each letter. Some may be round, some are hard, angular or have jagged edges. Exaggerates one aspect of individual letters. Make some space inside each card is higher or lower than its usually the case. Remember: There is no rule. You are the artist to experiment and create your own personal style.

Step 4: Select a bookmark. Use your favorite color or colors. Outline of the letters. Follow your original pattern or modify the lines in the charts with a few strokes. The use of color. Be brave. Be creative about how to drag.

Pink Graffiti Abecedario Alphabet

Pink Graffiti Abecedario Alphabet

Step 5: The thickness of the different lines in the letters should be. Make some lines on each point thicker than others for visual interest. The shadow of the lines. Add a three-dimensional shadow effect.

Step 6: Enter the details of the letters. Use hands holding a bar chart. Add stars within the letters or not. Add to watch the eyes of the letters or spaces in the middle of the letters. Surround the letter with a bubble. Use the arrows to prosper, a part of a letter or to highlight the entire letter.

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